A Tommy’s Tale

Sunday 11th November 4pm

Following the commemoration service, the social committee have organized “A Tommy’s Tale”, concert party to celebrate the end of WW1. Actor, Private John Overton of the Royal Welch Fusiliers will, with the help of Private David Evans entertain guests with community singing.

Concert Parties were introduced to raise the morale and deter the troops from seeking other diversions! As Siegfried Sassoon was commissioned into the 1st Battalion, Wrexham, it would seem appropriate to include one of his poems along with one from Robert Graves and some family anecdotes from our own congregation.

Music composed in the trenches by Gurney will be played whilst guests enjoy a light tea and take the opportunity to view a display of photographs and WW1 posters and propaganda. Entry is by £3 ticket – available from social committee members from mid –October.