Holy Week & Easter 2019

PALM SUNDAY 14th April

8.15am Holy Communion (said with sermon)
9.30am Holy Communion (with choral music)
6.00pm Compline and Meditation

Distribution of Palms at all services

Monday 15th April 7.30pm at St Mark’s, Bryn Eglwys Road LL13 9LA
Compline with Meditation
Tuesday 16th April 7.30pm 
Compline with Meditation
Wednesday 17th April 7.30pm at St Mark’s Bryn Eglwys Road LL13 9LA

Compline with Meditation


COMPLINE is a monastic evening service. It is short but its words are both comforting and evocative…a night cap for the soul. We follow it with a short meditation or reflection. The whole lasts less than half an hour.

7.30pm at St Margaret’s Communion with ‘Bring & Share’ Supper

To help us understand what it was like for Jesus to share his final supper before the crucifixion, we invite people to come with a plate of food to share. We sit around tables in church for worship and then eat the meal together. Then we take bread and wine left from the meal to celebrate Holy Communion. All are welcome to join this special but solemn occasion

GOOD FRIDAY 19th April

2.00pm at St Margaret’s Meditation & Music before The Cross

We gather in church to mark the last hour that Jesus spent on the cross before he died. The church is stripped of its usual decoration. There are short meditations, traditional hymns and sacred music.

EASTER EVE 20th April
8.00pm Easter Vigil at St Margaret’s

The church now decorated with fresh flowers is in darkness. Outside, we kindle a fire and from it light the large Paschal (Easter) candle for 2019. From it everyone lights their own candles and we enter the darkened church as though it was the tomb. As Christ’s resurrection is proclaimed, all the lights are turned on, a fanfare played, scripture read, and communion celebrated. This is a service for the Wrexham Mission Area

EASTER DAY 21st April
8.15am at St Margaret’s. Holy Communion (said with sermon)
9.30am at St Margaret’s. Family Holy Communion (with choral music)