Tough Questions

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St Margaret’s – Bethel – St Mark’s

Tough Questions

Jesus calls his followers to a distinctive way of living and believing; the Kingdom of God. This is based on the law and the prophets of the kingdom of Israel in the Old Testament and in the witness of his own life and teachings in the New. Our faith in 21st century Britain is founded on material dating from periods of human history very different from our own.
The complexities of our modern life continue to raise tough questions for Christian people. It is tempting to keep these issues entirely separate from our faith but surely that is not how Jesus would have it. We should confront the questions and try to understand how our faith answers them…even if we don’t all agree!
Over four sessions I will attempt to tackle the four questions outlined overleaf …with some help from friends. I do not pretend that my word is the last on any of the subjects, but I hope we can open them up in a sensitive way which recognises the main strands of Christian thinking on them over the years. Please come and join the journey. I hope and pray that it will deepen and enrich your faith and better equip you to share that faith sympathetically with enquiring people in the future.
Vicar of St Margaret’s and St Mark’s

• Refreshments are served at 7.15pm.
• Each session starts at 7.30pm and finishes by 9.00pm at the latest.

Wednesday 22nd May: Venue: St Mark’s Church, Bryn Eglwys Road LL13 9LA
What’s So Special About Christ?

Diversity is a key word for our society today. We are encouraged to be accepting of all faiths and none in our world. The thought of an ultimate truth claim is discouraged. How do we square that with the claims made for Jesus in the bible?

Wednesday 5th June: Venue: Bethel Church, Kenyon Avenue LL11 2SP
Do Science and Religion Mix?

Modern scientific findings are presented to us with no reference to religion. Our Bibles were written when far less was understood about the world around us. Has science disproved religion or can there be an accommodation?

Wednesday 19th June: Venue: St Mark’s Church, Bryn Eglwys Road LL13 9LA
Can the Bible Help us With Sex?

Attitudes towards sex in our culture have been transformed in the last 50 years and are still evolving rapidly. Should Christians adapt their teaching to a changed situation or are there areas where we should offer challenge and be counter cultural?

Wednesday 3rd July: Venue: Bethel Church, Kenyon Avenue LL11 2SP
How can God Justify Suffering?

With vast improvements in medical science, people are becoming less accepting of pain and suffering. Surely if we believe in a good God, he should remove all pain and tragedy from our world? For many this question remains a big block to faith.